Security Cameras

  This is a technology that is quickly adding value to people’s lives. Limited only by your imagination, adding Security Cameras to key areas in your home and linking to your Smart Devices provides limitless applications.

Example Applications of Security Cameras

Video Baby Monitor:

  Think of how much less stressful it would be for a new mother if she could look in on her infant via smartphone from anywhere in the home.
  Expanding that system to key areas in the home would allow her to check in on her infant and the babysitter from the Restaurant or Movie Theater eliminating the need to call home.

Remote Supervision:

  Many Families these days have older children or young teenagers who from time to time are home on their own. It can be quite comforting to receive visual updates to your phone as they arrive home, start dinner, start chores or start a pillow fight.
  Cameras in strategic locations can allow you to supervise anything that causes concern or would put you at ease. Keep an eye on the play room while making dinner, watch over the desk to assure homework is actually on the desk, sneak a peek at what is on the computer screen in short Security Cameras allow you to supervise them without physically standing behind them.

Independent Living:

  Let’s face it, our children are not the only ones we worry about, these days Security Cameras are also being used to verify the wellbeing of loved ones in their golden years whose physical abilities are beginning to cause concern. It matters not weather they live completely on their own or are already living with family and left alone during the work day Security Cameras are often used as part of the overall care package.
  See our page on Independant Living for more on this topic.

Advanced Home Security:

  In many homes Security Cameras are used as an extra layer of protection in the Home Security System. Allowing all of the benefits already listed and adding the ability to view inside in cases of emergency.

Let’s take a familiar Hollywood Scenario.
  Home Invasion, 4 men enter by force and the man of the house is forced at gunpoint to disarm the Security System and talk to the Monitoring Company, assuring them that this is in fact a false alarm. The Alarm Response is cancelled.
  With the integration of Security Cameras the Monitoring Company receives a Live Video feed and notifies the Authorities of a Home Invasion, 4 Men, Occupant forced to call in False Alarm. This second scenario makes for a much shorter ending and in the case of actual Emergencies that is the intended result.