Commercial Security and Surveillance

  Running a business these days comes with it’s own unique set of challenges. Business Owners are not only looking for protection during the hours that they are closed but also looking for innovative ways to check in on their business locations while offsite, protect or monitor certain areas vulnerable to stock theft, control restricted areas, etc.

Equipment Most Common in Commercial Applications

CCTV Surveillance

  The Security Camera systems of today add a lot of options not available a few short years ago, it is now possible to check in live via Smart Phone from anywhere that you have internet access.
Cameras can be set to record video or snap photos when motion is detected, when a door is opened or even during cash transactions. Video can be sent via internet link to an offsite recorder removing all possibility of on site destruction.

Controlled Access

  Stock Rooms to Storage Yards, if it can be locked, Controlled Access with either Keycards or Keypad can be used to identify and record who accessed that area and when. Back that up with a CCTV Camera and you can cross check Photo/Video record with Access ID.

Security Alarms

  The applications of a Security Alarm are no longer limited to after hours protection. Security Alarms can now be programmed to signal the Monitoring Station for certain circumstances and text an Owner or Manager for others, likewise they can be programmed with various responses. The system can be set up so the on floor Manager receives a text message if the Safe, Stockroom door or a Jewellery case is opened but the Monitoring Station receives a Silent Alarm if a Panic Button or Staff Panic Pendant is activated. This same Alarm Panel activates all the Bell and Sirens while notifying the Monitoring Station in the event of an after hours Intrusion Detection.

  Beyond these standard applications many optional sensors can be added to expand the value of your investment. Smoke and Fire Detection, Flood Detection and Commercial Freezer Monitoring just to name a few.

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