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  Lately you’ve been hearing the word “Smart” a lot. First it was Smart Phone then Smart TV and now the world is rushing forward in an attempt to bring us things that we can control with our smart devices.

  Over the past two decades the Home Security field has been moving into Home Automation as something that we can add to systems as options and we are now hearing terms like Smart House or Smart Home.

  We are now seeing entire Home Automation Hubs that tie your Home Security, Home Automation, Home Appliances, Home Entertainment and Home Video Surveillance into a central control panel accessed and controlled from your Smart TV or remotely from anywhere that you can log on with a P.C. or Smart Phone.

  We are not far off from the day when your Smart Phone will ring and up pops a video link to your front door, a trusted Service Technician is arriving for his scheduled appointment, perhaps a seasonal inspection of the Home Comfort System. With a tap of the screen you unlock the door and for the remainder of his visit you receive regular photo updates of his movements through your home. As he opens the door to leave the system automatically dials you back for a brief video chat for the necessary good buy and to relock the door.

  Like any new technology the latest innovations hit the market at a price point out of reach for most families then drops as volume increases. The above scenario was written only including equipment that clients are already having us install.

  At this point it is not uncommon for us to install Automated Lighting, Automated Home Comfort, Automated Entry Systems and Integrated Video. All of which can be set up with Remote Offsite Access including Smart Phone Control.

  Check out our Independent Living and CCTV Surveillance Pages for some real world applications.

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