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  Home, it’s where we raise our families, it’s where we keep the little things that trigger amazing memories, and it’s where we live.
 It is not a place that we should feel unsafe or insecure.

  Williamson Security Services was founded on the belief that Home Security should be within reach of any family. This is why we continue to offer the Basic Home Security System for $100.00 installed and $20/month.

  The advances in technology available to Police Services continue to increase the likelihood that those who commit crimes will be caught, this combined with the increases in penalties for those crimes has produced a steady decrease in the overall crime rate over the last two decades.
  Over those same two decades the percentage of violent crimes has increased at an alarming rate. The law breakers of today are more desperate, making them more dangerous.
  In 1998 when we started this company “Car Jacking” and “Home Invasion” were two terms that never hit the news. Now if your car has Keyless Entry you are carrying a panic button in your pocket.

  Every Security System that we install starts as an exterior intrusion detection system that can be armed while your family is at home allowing freedom of movement within the home and only responding to entry thru or breakage of doors and windows thus limiting your exposure in dangerous situations to the response time of Law Enforcement.

  Everything else that we add to the system enhances what the system adds to your lifestyle but the safety of family is at the top of our list. Stuff can always be replaced.

Basic Home Security System

  • from $100.00 Installed
  • Professional Monitoring $20.00/month
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Most Popular Options

  • Overhead (Garage) Door Contact
  • Pet Immune Motion Detector (up to 75 lbs)
  • Cold Temp Motion Detector
  • Glass Break Detector (25' line of sight)
  • Flex Switch - Glass break & Contact
  • Hardwired Zone Expanders (up to 64 Zones)
  • Wireless Upgrade with Keyfob
  • MultiZone Icon Keypads (up to 64 zones)
  • Photoelectric Smoke Detector
  • Heat Detector (rate of Rise 135 degrees)
  • Low Temperature Detector fixed temperature
  • Hi-Low Adjustable Temp Alert
  • Sump Pump Failure Detector (Float Switch)
  • Water Bug Surface Water Detector