Independant Living

Quality of Life?

  Canadians average life expectancy is now just over 80 years and for those who celebrate their 65th birthday the average life expectancy is just over 90. Every individual living out their Golden Years eventually come to a day where they have a scare and it’s enough to make them and their loved ones ask “What If?”
The answers they come up with to that question define how early they give up Independent Living.
  Every family situation comes with its own unique set of concerns and solutions but the approach is always the same. Maintain Independent Living and delay the need for Assisted Living or Nursing Homes as long as is safely possible by formulating a plan and putting in place devices that will alert loved ones or EMS of an Emergency.

 We ask “What If” and formulate an answer that everyone is comfortable with.

Devices that Support Independent Living

  • Medical Alarm Pendant: Many times a lanyard hung panic button is part of the solution over the years many people have received assistance in a timely manner. We don’t consider it to be the whole solution, it is not accessible if forgotten on the nightstand or removed before a shower and does rely on one’s ability to press the button in time of need. We’re not suggesting excluding it from consideration we simply prefer backing it up with an additional line of protection.
  • CCTV Surveillance: This approach does get mixed responses but for many it’s been part of the answer. Nobody is suggesting we turn your loved ones home into a Big Brother house but covering main traffic areas in the home with motion activated cameras that snap a picture and send it to your cell phone can be a cost effective way of putting everyone at ease.
  • Whole Home Solutions: Just recently we’ve started seeing Home Security / Automation systems designed for just this purpose. The system uses sensors (not camera’s) to track the daily routine of the home, sending text messages to a caregiver or loved one that they have started their day etc. Sending alerts if drastic or erratic changes to schedules or lifestyle occur. We can even build in the ability for someone to log in after they’ve gone to bed and allow control to lock forgotten doors, turn out forgotten lights, etc.
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